Exciting Job Opportunity At Selkirk And Steinbach West Centre #1 – Math Instructor

Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) is seeking an individual to facilitate and instruct Essential Skills in our Selkirk WEST Centre and Interlake Region. The successful candidate will help learners connect the skills they are learning to practical application in the workplace. We are looking for a contract instructor.

Desired experience includes:

– Essential Skills instruction with a numeracy focus
– Adult learning facilitation, assessment and recording
– Experience in working with multi-skill, multi-level groups.
– Experience customizing and building lesson plans with a workplace goal in mind.
– Able to work Wednesday evenings

Our WEST Centers are based on adult learning principles – for those that understand and relate to this instruction and facilitation – this work is for you.

Please send your cover letter/resume to irc@wem.mb.ca

Open until the position is filled.