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Awakening DAWN (2009-2013)

Awakening DAWN identified and trained facilitators from specific Aboriginal communities to deliver Essential Skills upgrading in their community by using documents and exercises relevant to the learners.

The idea for Awakening DAWN came about in 2009 out of the desire to help support training and employment goals by improving the literacy and Essential Skills levels of Aboriginal people in Manitoba.

From feedback gathered during Igniting the Power Within, a key need that kept arising was the consistent and extensive lack of literacy and Essential Skills programming for on-reserve adults.

The Awakening DAWN project was the response to this need and was specifically aimed at adults in Aboriginal communities who wanted to improve their Essential Skills levels. The model offered training in Document Use, Writing, Working with Others, Reading Text, Oral Communications and Thinking Skills.

Awakening DAWN used documents considered highly relevant within communities – such as History of Treaties – to engage adults in understanding content which was not only interesting for them but could be of use in supporting employment and training opportunities and other community needs.

Essential Skills are much needed in today’s workforce. More than ever before, employers are expecting their workers to excel in all of the nine Essential Skills.

The thinking was that Awakening DAWN would support and create opportunities for community members to better understand the stories that shaped their lives and their communities while developing key Essential Skills needed to be successful in any workplace.

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