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Document Use

WORKPLACE EDUCATION MANITOBA SLIDER1Document Use is the ability find & use the information you need, put in information where it is needed, and construct information displays: these are all document use tasks. Icons, labels, lists, tables, forms, graphs, signs, maps, gauges, images, schedules, schematics, touch screens & technical drawings are examples of documents or information displays used in a workplace. We use this skill when we read signs, labels, lists, as well as when we interpret graphs and charts.

How we use this skill

  • reading signs, labels or lists
  • interpreting graphs or charts
  • reading or creating schematic or assembly drawings

Essential Skills training key to productivity improvements

A large manufacturing firm planned to increase productivity by moving to a production line process called Demand Flow Manufacturing (DFM). This required workers to move from station to station when bottlenecks in production occurred in order to keep the line moving.

Supervisors realized that in order for a move to DFM to be successful, a number of workers on the line would need improved Essential Skills including reading and interpreting documents at each new work station. The manufacturer provided training to enhance these skills, resulting in a successful transition to their new production process.

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