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Prescription For Learning

Prescription for Learning: Communication Skills for the Practice of Pharmacy is a 50-hour program designed to be delivered over seven, seven-hour sessions and integrates communication techniques and knowledge of the workplace with topics and issues facing Canadian pharmacists. Participants are supported by a travelling mentor/coach throughout the program.

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Essential Skills for Health Care Aides (HCA)

A Health Care Aide’s duties and responsibilities can vary widely among facilities and regions, but the demand on their Essential Skills is constant. Essential Skills for Health Care Aides is a learner-focused response to the need for training materials that support and enhance the Essential Skills a Health Care Aide uses to perform the tasks of their workplace and the learning required to take on new tasks.

Download available sections by selecting from the Table of Contents below.

– Introduction to Health Care Aide

– Reading Text
– Document Use
– Writing
– Numeracy
 – Oral communication
 Thinking Skills
– Working with Others
– Continuous Learning

Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial program instructors report that significant numbers of their learners do not have the necessary levels of Essential Skills required to achieve success. This workbook series targets and supports the needs of the individual in an entrepreneurial training program who is struggling with Essential Skills levels. Equally important, it provides support for instructors seeking to infuse Essential Skills throughout their curriculum. Finally, this series also supports the needs of those individuals who previously would have either failed to meet the entrance requirements for a training program, or who would have self-disqualified themselves from even applying because of inadequate Essential Skills.

Download available sections by selecting from the Table of Contents below.

– Instructor’s Overview
– Document Use
– Writing
– Oral Communication
– Thinking Skills
Computers for Deaf Learners

The experience of the deaf in a hearing-majority workplace is filled with frustration, second-hand information and the annoyance of always being “the last to know.” In response, Workplace Education Manitoba has published Computers for Deaf Learners, a curriculum developed through a workplace essential skills project conducted at partner Boeing Canada Technology Ltd. in Winnipeg. Using computer training coursework as the Essential Skills delivery vehicle, materials were specifically designed to help level the playing field and to make equality more of a reality for deaf workers.

Download Document

ES for Water/Wastewater Operator certification in Manitoba

WEM was asked to build an Essential Skills solution that would prepare Manitoba’s Water/Wastewater Operators with the Essential Skills they’d need to be successful in taking the intensive courses and challenging provincial exams leading to certification. So we did!

Click here for an overview, or take the plunge and download the sections below.

– Glossary of Terms
– Water Wastewater – Learners
– Water Wastewater – Teachers
– Practice Tests
– Practice Tests – Answer Key

Igniting the Power Within (ITPW)

Igniting the Power Within is a delivery model for a four-level series of certification workshops on Essential Skills and Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL). A committee of First Nations, Métis and educational organizations worked together to create these workshops to meet the needs of Aboriginal communities. Aimed at community-based employment-related coordinators, training and employment counselors and outreach workers, each workshop delivers powerful strategies, methods and tools that can help clients identify and document their skills, knowledge and gifts as well as the steps they can take towards their training and employment goals.

To view the 4 levels of the program, click on the following links:

Level 1 – Essential Skills and RPL
Level 2 – Building Portfolios
Level 3 – Essential Skills and Portfolios for Your Community
Level 4 – Celebrating Our Voice


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