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Our online workshops are on summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean learning is on hold!

WEST Centre Update 

Our Workplace Essential Skills Training Centre (WEST Centre) is open for you.  If you are looking to freshen up your own workplace Essential Skills or if you are an employer looking for Essential Skills development support for your team, please reach out!

At the Interlake WEST Centre we provide evaluation services leading to learning plans, training and human resource solutions, as well as direct referrals to appropriate external agencies.

Our mandate is to connect you with the training and support you need both in-person and online!

Contact us for information on the following funded options:

  • training customized to your workplace
  • reading workshop
  • writing workshop
  • introduction to computers
  • basic computer spreadsheet training
  • email workshop  

Workplace Training Update  

We come to you!

In addition to the WEST Centre supports, we also offer workplace training for your team.  The following training options are available in your workplace for leaders and employees:

  • thinking skills: problem-solving
  • increasing teamwork through working with others
  • effective communication
  • time management
  • change navigation
  • computer
  • and more

We will visit your workplace to determine a learning plan customized to your specific needs.  Sessions can be held in-person or remotely depending on the requirements of your organization.

Contact us today to determine the best fit for you and your team.

E: interlake.west@wem.mb.ca

P: 204-406-8789