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Jason Shaw

Jay Shaw is a leadership student first and foremost. With over 20 years in emergency services, Jay has learned a thing or two is and leadership in times of stress. Jay has completed graduate studies and has spoken to rooms of 10-500 people keynoting on the principles and lessons of leadership.


9 years working with businesses at WEM. 20 years plus dealing with other peoples emergencies.
Currently the Chief of Emergency Management for the City of Winnipeg

Essential Skills Thought

Working With Others
Thinking Skills
Continuous Learning
Anything to do with leading people!!


I’ve created 5 Laws of leadership. I use a simple bucket (leeaderbucket) to teach the skills I’ve learned.
my common quotes:

3 Recent Sessions

#1. 150 people. Dryden Northwest Response Forum
Crisis leadership 1-1.5 hrs.

#2 MB Hydro Conference- 200 people LeaderBucket 1 hour

#3 MB Hydro 500 People Disaster Management conference 200 50 minutes


“It’s never about communication skills when you have a
failure of leadership”

“Stop telling people o think outside the box”

Your number responsibility as a leader in the wellness of your people – People come first, not the project, spreadsheets,
budget or timeline. When you lose track of this, you lose period.

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