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Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) strives to be Manitoba’s centre of best practices for workplace Essential Skills consultation, assessment and training.

WEM partners with private and public sector organizations of all sizes, in all sectors and in all areas of the province.

Every partnership begins by understanding an organization’s specific goals. With that in mind, WEM can:

  • Help you understand the importance of and need for strong workplace Essential Skills levels in your workplace.

  • Quickly and accurately assess the current Essential Skill levels of your workers, as well as the levels needed to reach your objectives.

  • Work with you to develop a training plan that meets your time, quality and financial needs.

  • Design training materials that incorporate your organization’s job task materials and processes.

  • Deliver training via our expert Essential Skills instructors directly to your workers – or train/coach your in-house trainers. We can deliver training at your worksite, or in our classrooms, or at a satellite location convenient for you.

  • Be your primary workplace Essential Skills resource.

Our Process

1. Contact us to discover what Essential Skills solutions might benefit your organization. Whether you’re planning to implement a new process, reviewing training effectiveness or experiencing issues in the workplace that you just can’t define, contact us. Understanding the role of Essential Skills in your workplace is critical to moving forward.

2. Engage in a consultation with us to discuss the Essential Skills required to meet your business goals. Our Essential Skills experts will partner with you to determine if there’s a need for Essential Skills training in your workplace, as well as the most suitable type of training. This assessment expertise is available to you at no cost.

3. If an Essential Skills training solution is appropriate our Essential Skills curriculum writers and instructors can help design and deliver low-cost, customized training for your company. Alternatively, we can coach and support your in-house training staff to meet your workplace Essential Skills needs.

4. We’ll share the cost. Funding from our provincial and federal government partners allows us to share a portion of your training costs. Together, we can design and deliver the training edge that’s missing in your workplace.

The Workplace Education Manitoba Advantage:

  • Has worked with hundreds of clients throughout Manitoba since 1991. More..
  • Has a practice model that has been adopted by other provinces (e.g. Alberta, Nova Scotia, PEI) in forming their provincial models.
  • Has extensive experience working with a wide variety of industries including agriculture, aerospace, mining, garment, manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation, health care as well as parks and recreation.
  • Has a proven track record of success. An independent 2006 WEM Case Study looking at 15 years of WEM-sponsored training found that outcomes included:

increased credentials

increased leadership responsibilities in the workplace (and community)

greater confidence

greater motivation to seek further education/training

increased culture of workplace literacy and Essential Skills in Manitoba, and an accompanying joint labour-management process and principles for implementing initiatives

  • Has extensive expertise in working with urban and rural workplaces.

  • Offers a full range of workplace Essential Skills services and support materials – from needs assessment and curriculum/resource development to training and follow-up evaluation.

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