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Sandi Howell Wins National Workplace Education Award

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ABC Life Literacy Canada announced yesterday that Sandi Howell will be the recipient of the 2012 Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award. Ms. Howell will accept the award on September 27 as one of several national workplace and community literacy honours presented by ABC Life Literacy at their annual Life Literacy Award gala event in Toronto.

Sandi Howell, M.Ed., is Provincial Manager, Sector Council Program, Essential Skills and RPL at Industry Workforce Development (IWD), in Manitoba’s department of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade. She also serves as the province’s strategic advisor to Workplace Education Manitoba.

The text of the announcement reads: “Sandi Howell, adult educator, program developer, trainer and curriculum designer, has shown outstanding commitment to workplace Essential Skills training as Manitoba’s Provincial Coordinator for Essential Skills: the first such position created in Canada. She is the province’s strategic advisor to Workplace Education Manitoba, working to engage people in literacy and essential skills at their workplaces.

Sandi helped to establish the first Workplace Essential Skills Training centre in Manitoba, leading the way for five other centres throughout the province to deliver programs to more than 2,500 students every year. Sandi is recognized for her determination and commitment to advocating for literacy and essential skills for vulnerable populations.”

For more information about the Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award, ABC Life Literacy Canada and all of the 2012 Life Literacy Award winners, click here.


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