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We`re offering a variety of FREE Workshop that you should take advantage of. Review the flyer, then use the form below to register. You can also email, west.dauphin@wem.mb.ca or call 204-572-0063 or 204-629-2305 for more details.
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    WEST Centre – Dauphin Drop-In Hours: Mondays 9am – 1pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-9pm or by appointment

    New Location: 138-1st Avenue S.W. in Dauphin

    Contact: west.dauphin@wem.mb.ca or call 204-572-0063 or 204-629-2305

    Stay tuned for upcoming program announcements and an open house date.

    The 21st-century workplace needs a skilled workforce that’s efficient, effective and adaptable. Workers need the skills required to perform successfully at work.

    They are Nine Essential Skills

    1 Reading @ Work
    Reading and understanding written information in many different types of workplace documents, e.g., work instructions, emails and memos, health & safety manuals & policies & reports.

    2 Document Use @ Work
    Finding & using the information you need, putting in information where it is needed, and constructing information displays are all document use tasks. Icons, labels, lists, tables, forms, graphs, signs, maps, gauges, images, schedules, schematics, touch screens & technical drawings are examples of documents or information displays used in a workplace.

    3 Numeracy @ Work
    Using numbers and thinking mathematically to measure and make calculations, to estimate, to work with money, to analyze numerical trends and to create schedules and budgets.

    4 Writing @ Work
    Using the written word to create a clear message.

    5 Oral Communication @ Work
    Talking with others to give and exchange information & ideas, such as: asking questions, giving directions, coordinating work tasks, explaining & persuading.

    6 Working with Others @ Work
    Leading, coordinating or collaborating with others on work activities.

    7 Thinking Skills @ Work
    Thinking Skills include:  Problem-solving, job task planning, and organizing, finding information, critical thinking, Significant use of memory and decision making. Using a thinking process to solve problems, organize and plan, find needed information, be logical.

    8 Digital Technology @ Work
    Using information and communication technology.

    9 Continuous Learning @
    Work Applying strategies which support workplace learning and the ability to adapt to change.

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