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Working With Others

workplace_Education manitoba working with othersWorking With Others is the ability to lead, coordinate or collaborate with others on work activities. We use this skill when we work as a member of a team or jointly with a partner (whether in person or at a distance), and when we engage in supervisory or leadership activities.

How we use this skill

  • working as a member of a team or jointly with a partner
  • engaging in supervisory or leadership activities

Improved skills can provide tools for discovering inefficiencies

A large high-tech manufacturing firm planned to launch a High-Performance program to improve efficiencies across the company. This program involved forming teams of employees representing expertise from all levels to focus on improving productivity and adaptability.

Management realized staff would need Essential Skills training for this program to be truly effective. Teams would need skills such as effective listening, note taking, facilitation, problem solving and management of group dynamics.

In partnership with Workplace Education Manitoba, a 30-hour training curriculum was developed and delivered. In just six months, company officials report, one team’s work resulted in a $250,000 savings to the company.

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