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Igniting the Power Within (2005-2010)

Igniting the Power Within was a unique, four-level certification series of workshops on Essential Skills and Prior Learning Awareness and Recognition (PLAR) specifically designed for community advisors, counselors and educators from Aboriginal communities.

Developing their understanding of the nine Essential Skills was considered to be a critical component in addressing the goals of their clients as they related to entering the workforce or advancing in their existing career.

From 2005 until the project’s conclusion in 2010, the workshops’ content drew heavily on Aboriginal traditions and principles to identify, verify and document skills, knowledge and gifts that otherwise would not be fully recognized through traditional mechanisms of credential assessment, credit transfer, articulation or accreditation.

Adaptation or original creation of training materials with relevant Aboriginal context and educational integrity was critical to acceptance by participants, Elders, community leaders and initiative partners.

Also key was production standards for communication and training materials that conveyed an appropriate sense of value and relevance to participants.

In this way, Igniting the Power Within provided access to much-needed training for Aboriginal front-line workers working in both rural and urban communities that was grounded in the principles of respect and consultation.

For more information, visit www.ignitingthepowerwithin.ca/

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