Government of Canada partners with Workplace Education Manitoba to design and deliver skills training to support Canadian workplaces

For Immediate Release 

(Winnipeg, MB) Workplace Education Manitoba announces a multi-year partnership with the Government of Canada to build capacity across Canada in customized workplace training. This is to address skills needed to support areas including but not exclusive to diversity and inclusivity, staff retention, teamwork, staff and workplace mental health, safety, productivity, social capital, and customer service.  

This program focuses on the Relational Skills cluster of the Skills for Success framework. It includes curriculum development, workplace engagement, delivery, and mentorship in support of these skills. This program is part of a Pan-Canadian project called Workplace Connections. The project is funded in part by the Government of  Canada’s Adult, Learning, Literacy and Essentials Skills Program. It provides a comprehensive plan to address workforce challenges of Canadian workers and employers. This response will create increased capacity for Skills for Success Workplace delivery in small and medium-sized enterprises across Canada – including  engagement, needs assessment, delivery response, and evaluation. Increased Skills for Success competency will provide foundational support to sustainability, scalability and consistency of delivery and outcomes for the workplaces. 

Skills for Success focuses on the nine main skills that Canadians need to thrive in today’s economy. These skills are essential in a quickly changing world. They help individuals get a job, progress at their current job and change jobs. The skills allow individuals to be active members of their community and succeed in learning. 

To learn more about Skills for Success, visit Employment and Social Development Canada website.

About Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) 

Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) is a leader in providing job skills training since 1991. It strives to be Manitoba’s centre of best practices for workplace Essential Skills consultation, assessment, and training. WEM partners with private and public sector organizations of all sizes, in all sectors and in all areas of the province. Every partnership begins by understanding an organization’s specific needs and goals, then offering customized solutions based on a systems approach, resulting in cost-effective and sustainable outcomes. Our vision is that all Manitobans have access to the Essential Skills knowledge and training required to determine and pursue their goals related to learning, the workplace and life. 


For more information, please contact Workplace Education Manitoba: 

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