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workplace_Education manitoba whiteboardNumeracy is the ability to use numbers and think mathematically to measure and make calculations, to estimate, to work with money, to analyze numerical trends and to create schedules and budgets.

How we use this skill

  • numerical estimating
  • money math
  • scheduling or budgeting math
  • measurement and data analysis

A training need can present itself at any time

Samantha’s employer, a small service-based company, gave her a new project assignment that involved creating, tracking and reconciling the project’s budget. Samantha was eager for this increased responsibility.

The project costs were calculated and adequately funded. However, when faced with creating a detailed budget including scheduling payments and tracking the cash flow, Samantha was stumped. These tasks required numeracy skills she didn’t have.

Upon evaluation, Samantha’s employer found that her value to his company was worth the investment in skills upgrading. He brought in an Essential Skills coach who was able to guide Samantha through the process of designing and implementing a detailed project budget, periodically offering support in tracking its activity over the project’s successful duration.

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