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workplace_Education manitoba thinkingThinking is the ability to engage in the process of problem-solving, job task planning and organizing, finding information, critical thinking, significant use of memory and decision-making. We use a thinking process to solve problems, organize and plan, find needed information, be logical, remember things and make decisions.

How we use this skill

  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • critical thinking
  • planning and organizing job tasks
  • memorizing and finding information

Recognizing a needed skill can aid job transition

After many successful years as a delivery driver for a large distribution company, George was facing a layoff. As a valued employee, management supported George’s wish to move into a shipper/receiver position for the same company.

The transition was a rocky one. George found the multiple, often conflicting demands from insistent customers difficult to deal with and began experiencing symptoms of extreme stress. An Essential Skills assessment revealed that problem-solving and communication training could help.

Along with communication techniques, George learned a systematic approach to sorting out problems and evaluating priorities, enabling him to cope more effectively with the demands of his new position.

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