About ESM

What is ESM?

Essential Skills Manitoba (ESM) is a not-for-profit organization supporting Manitobans toward their employment and training goals. Essential Skills assessments and training programs are designed to help participants develop skills to find meaningful, sustainable employment.

Who is ESM for?

ESM is for individuals currently looking for employment and training opportunities. ESM provides an inclusive environment recognizing the individual needs of Manitobans. Our experienced team of facilitators and instructors will work with you to develop a learning plan to develop skills for success.

What can ESM do?

Using skills-based assessments, We can measure your current level in the 9 Essential Skills and provide specific recommendations for upgrading your skill levels.

Assessments and training are based on the skills required to be successful in an occupation, continuing education or technical training. ESM can:

  • measure current Essential Skill levels,
  • provide information about the skills required for a particular occupation, continuing education or technical training,
  • provide specific recommendations for upgrading Essential Skills.

ESM can deliver assessments and training both in person and virtually.

ESM Assessments

Essential Skills Workshops

ESM Training Programs

To make a referral or to register for an Essential Skills assessment call toll free 1-855-373-2246 or email [email protected]