Trades and Apprenticeship

Skills For Success are used in every Trade and on every job site.

Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) can assist you to reach your goals and succeed if you are:

  • considering a career in the trades
  • a Registered Apprentice learning on the job and/or preparing for technical training
  • preparing for a Trades Qualification
  • an employer of tradespeople

We start with an assessment of current Skills for Success levels, to identify strengths and opportunities for learning. If Skills for Success training is recommended, WEM will work with individuals to develop and deliver tailored learning.

WEM also works in collaboration with Apprenticeship Manitoba, to assist referred apprentices to prepare for entry into Level 1 technical training.

WEM can assist you as an employer, by identifying your workplace’s needs and providing customized Skills for Success solutions to support your tradespeople to advance in both on-the-job and technical training.

Benefits for individuals/apprentices can include:

  • increased capacity to learn on the job
  • readiness for technical training
  • increased confidence

Benefits for employers can include:

  • decreased training time
  • improved safety
  • fewer errors
  • increased productivity
  • greater teamwork

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