WEM History

When we started in 1991, there was a need for an organization that could assess training needs with the goal of providing a tailored training response. Our focus was on Essential Skills for more than 30 years. Recently, this framework has been refreshed to Skills For Success. Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) is well situated to support these changes with innovative and flexible assessment and training responses – just as we have in the past.

Funded by the Province of Manitoba, WEM provides assessment and training responses that are flexible and customized to the needs of our partners.

Partnerships are the key to WEM’s success whether it be a workplace, labour union, Indigenous nation, non-profit organization or one of our learners. We all bring something to the table that is needed to move forward.  

Over the years, WEM was first focused on workplace delivery and understanding what skills look like within the workplace and training towards the ability for the workers to use the skills effectively within their day.   

Over the 15 years, WEM has developed and delivered programs to support unemployed individuals towards readiness for employment. With programs based on recognition of prior learning – and supported through our workplace knowledge – Manitobans are moving forward to both employment and technical training for the skills workplaces need.

Apprenticeship has been a key focus and partnership for WEM for close to 20 years. Working with Apprenticeship Manitoba, Indigenous nations and trades training programs, WEM has delivered innovative programming to support apprentices who are just starting out, in the midst of their technical training or looking to pass the Interprovincial exam. 

The Government of Canada has funded WEM for many years, supporting 24 projects across the years. From Igniting the Power Within to workplace research projects, we continue to meet the need. Our most current funding – from 2020 to 2024 – is Workplace Connections. Learn more about Workplace Connections at workplaceconnections.ca